Abdominal etching also called 6Pack surgery is a body-shaping operation that guarantees you a dynamic, athletic and muscular body.

The ideal male body in the modern aesthetic sense is expressed in a sculpted body structure associated with broad shoulders, muscular arms and contoured abdominal muscles. These components have become inevitable elements of a healthy and aesthetic appearance. The address of health and beauty estethica has developed for its patients the technique of modeling and contouring the abdominal muscles without daily exercise in the gym.

One of the most important criteria for achieving a muscle and athletic body is the hereditary predisposition.

The muscles and distribution of fat tissues in the body are hereditary. For this reason, although some people make enormous efforts, it is difficult to get the desired body. While others manage to straighten their muscles without much effort.

Our body stores a large amount of fat in the abdomen and waist. For this reason, unwanted fat accumulation in the abdomen is a common occurrence.

Although abdominal muscles are easy to model, it is difficult to be sculpted to be visible. The abdominal region is one of the most difficultly modeled muscles.

What is the operation of abdominal muscle modeling?

Muscle aesthetics is a body-shaping operation that guarantees you a dynamic, athletic and muscular body. The surgery is based on preserving or improving tissues in the areas where the muscles flex and removing the fat cells in the muscles between the liposuction. Aesthetic muscles shaping creates a visible effect as a naturally shaped abdominal area. The surgery technique creates an effect of contouring the muscles without placing implants, but only by modeling the adipose tissue in the abdominal area.

Operative intervention for abdominal muscle modeling follows the natural lines and anatomy of the body, giving them a more visible and contoured appearance. In men, this change guarantees a more masculine and athletic abdomen while the ladies retain the natural curves of the body by shaping it on the horizontal lines of the abdomen.

Who can benefit from this new technique?

Muscular aesthetics provide great results, especially for those who try to achieve a dream body without great success, for men and women who want to have a tight and sculpted body for people without common obesity but with stubborn regional fat deposits, as well as for those who do not have time for intense workouts but want to achieve a muscle body in no time.

How is a muscular aesthetic surgery done?

Our surgeons evaluate muscle and fat tissue in the body and plan individual aesthetic surgery for best results. In modern aesthetic surgery, changing a single part of the body is not sufficient to achieve the desired effect, as the body is a complete mechanism and requires combined interventions. Applying this operation to compatibility with reducing problems such as enlargement of male breasts (gynecomastia) or shaping the proportions of the body would be most appropriate for patients.

The area where muscle aesthetics is most commonly applied is the abdominal area. For this reason, aesthetic operations in men are also known as six packs in English, and in ladies – two packs. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. Milimetric incisions are needed for laser penetration in the adipose tissue around the abdominal muscles and model them. These incisions grew without visible signs and did not leave a trace of surgical intervention.

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