Most innovative technique for hair, beard and mustache transplant with painless anesthesia in addition to no donor area shortening.

Estethica Health Group applies the most innovative technique in hair, beard and mustache transplant without shortening the donor area and with the help of a painless anesthesia. This technique reduces bleeding during surgery and swelling of the head after the procedure. The combination of the Percoutaneous Technique with the specialized sapphire needle guarantees the high success rate of the hair transplant procedure. The application of anesthesia is a major component of hair transplant procedure. There are two techniques for applying local anesthesia.

Application of painless anesthesia

Application with needles In classical hair transplant procedure prior to harvesting hair follicles local anesthesia is injected into those parts of the head where the grafts are extracted. Numerous punctures cause pain and discomfort for the patients causing longer hours for the entire transplant procedure.

  • Painless Anesthesia:

Thanks to the innovative high-tech devices in estethica, a painless application of local anesthesia is now possible. estethica applies painless anesthesia to all of its patients to ensure comfort and safety during the procedure. The device injects anesthesia into the skin with high pressure, helping to spread it evenly in depth. The device does not damage the surface of the skin and places the anesthetic in depth without creating discomfort for the patient.

  • Unshaven Hair transplant

The extraction of donor material from the back of the head takes place without the necessity of shortening the entire area. Thus, the procedure contributes to maintaining the integrity of the hair follicles by means with the use of low – RPM micro punch. The hair transplant apparatus is used both for the formation of the recipient channels and for the simultaneous transplant of the grafts.

This risk-free hair transplant is dictated by the subtle technique of the device that spares the patient’s natural hair and manages to build a new and dense hair line without the need to shorten it. The procedure is combined with the use of a sapphire needle for more precise graft placement.

Painless hair transplant is used in specialized clinics around the world and ensures the comfort of the patients during the entire procedure. Hair transplant in estethica is administered under the supervision of a dermatologist, plastic surgeon and anesthetist under local anesthesia and lasts between five to seven hours depending on the amount of grafts to be transplanted.

The choice of our patients in the use of these innovative technique and the work of our hair transplant team indicates the success of the post-op results. After one-day painless transplant we advise patients to take a day rest from work. The hair in the recipient area starts to grow in 3 months. The final result of the hair transplant is achieved in 1 year.

The choice of hair transplant technique, the success of the medical team, the comfort of full head hair transplant within only one day, the guarantee certificate are the main factor in achieving proper and risk-free hair transplant.

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