8 Hours

Your guide will meet you at the arrival’s gate of Kusadasi port with a sign your name is written on it , Anytime you want. Then You will start to tour with a professional local tour guide who is licienced by the tourism ministry.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Kusadasi Port / Kusadasi Port
DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive by 8:00 AM for a prompt departure at 9:00 AM.
Transportation in a late model air-conditioned mercedes van
Professional Tour Guide and Driver
Pick-up and drop-off service
Entrance Fees to the attractions
Personal Expenses

Highlights of Tour

Temple of Athena
Temple of Apollo the oracle center of ancient World.
Faustina baths in miletos
The lion harbour
The theater of miletos
House of BİAS on of the seveb sages.

Our Private excursions are on V.I.P standarts and more reasonable than cruise company excursions rate, which are designed for the larger groups. Our driver and guide are never the same person, We are giving you a profesional tour guide and a profesional driver.

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You will meet at the lobby with a professional local tour guide who is licensed by the tourism ministry.Then it’s time to engrave another unforgettable adventure on your mind.

Our fisrt stop will be Priene ancient city which was discovered by the inhabitants on the Ionian coast. The Ionians first arrived and settled here in 11th century B.C. According to the information gathered from ancient sources, Priene was founded by aipythos from Athens.

The city was situated on a peninsula close to Miletus and it had two ports. But due to its filling up with alluvial deposits by meander river, it had remained inland. Priene was a city where ahmet lived, who was the one of the seven sages. And also and you will admire the temple which was dedicated to the goddess of wisdom.

After Priene we drive you to another ionians city Miletus.

Miletus was once considered the greatest and wealthiest of Greek cities on the western coast of Anatolia. According to Homer people of Miletus as Carians. They fought against the (Greeks) in the Trojan(trocın) War. Later, Ionian settlers taking the land from the Carians. Miletus itself sent off settlers to the Black Sea area, as well as the Hellespont.
in Miletus you wil see ,Delphinion which was dedicated to Apollo then Theatre dated back 4th centry BC the capacity of it has been 15000 people .and Roman Baths,

And The Lion Harbor was guarded by two marble lions, one of them can still be seen.

The Lion Harbour It was named after the two sizeable marble lions adorning the narrowest point of its entrance since the 3rd century BC. The lions are not in their original position today; the one is in a very good condition and the other was found broken into pieces.

Furthermore; Priene is where Thales opens his first philosophy school ,where Aneximene lived who was the father of astronomy.

Then we will react to Didyma (TEMPLE OF APOLLO) which was one of the largest divination center in ancient World.it was dedicated to Apollo who was the god of light and sun, turth, healing , music, poetry, archery ,plague prophecy, and the god of oracle. In Greek didyma means “twin” The ancient site of Didyma is famous from legendary times.

It is believed that here is the place where Zeus and beatiful leto have spent an hour of love then Leto gave birth to the twins Artemis and Apollo, Site takes its name from this birth.

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5 Pax $ 350 [Total]
6 Pax $ 390 [Total]
7 Pax $ 420 [Total]
8 Pax $ 480 [Total]
9 Pax $ 450 [Total]
10 Pax $ 500 [Total]

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